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CartMover™ - We Move Heavy!

Based on a Proven Design from a Demanding Industry

In 2006, after our unprecedented success with our RollMover™ product line, Appleton Mfg. Division envisioned a way to use the same technology to assist other industries. The RollMover™ had revolutionized the way workers moved tremendously heavy rolls of paper in the converting industry. The Appleton design team now fixed our sights on creating a similar material handling device that could be used or adapted to almost any material handling situation. The CartMover™ was born.

Designed to Out-Perform and Replace Old Bulky Movers

Companies in a variety of industries had become accustomed to using large, heavy-ballasted devices to move their carts around. The old-style devices needed to be very large and extremely heavy to gain the traction needed to move even standard carts and other loads. Often, the device pulling the cart was as heavy or heavier than the cart that was being moved. These old-style cart tuggers also took up a lot of space, were cumbersome and needed room to position or operate. Not so with the Appleton CartMover™.

Smaller, Powerful, Easy-To-Use and Versatile

The unique and compact design of the Appleton CartMover™ creates superior traction by using the load's own weight! This revolutionary innovation allows the CartMover™ to apply more locomotive force than the other old-style cart tuggers on the market. The result is a powerful and compact solution that offers a much greater range of movement.

The CartMover™ is small. It’s compact design makes it easy to get in and out of tight spaces, it can often go where many other cart tuggers cannot and when not in use it can be tucked safely out of the way.

The CartMover™ is powerful. Inch for inch of size, the CartMover™ is more powerful than all other movers on the market.

The CartMover™ is easy-to-use. Simple controls are available in two styles to best suit your needs.

The CartMover™ is versatile. Easily customizable and adaptable, the CartMover™ is ready to handle a wide range of common carts right out of the box. Do you have a application that requires customization? The CartMover™ Team is ready to tackle your obstacle.

The CartMover™ is everywhere. Presently in use in a wide variety of industries, the CartMover™ can be found in use in the Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Automotive, Food and Healthcare industries and many others in between.

Choose the CartMover™

Compact, powerful and easy-to-use with almost limitless customization potential, the CartMover™ continues to change the way workers can safely and more efficiently do their jobs. When it comes to material handling choose Appleton™ - We Move Heavy!