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Compact, powerful and easy-to-use, our range of Appleton CartMovers were designed to adapt to almost any material handling situation. Their easily customizable design, advanced range of motion, and simple controls mean our line of battery-operated material handlers are ready to increase your productivity by tackling even the most unique obstacles. Revolutionize the way you work whether you’re in healthcare or aerospace with Appleton’s industry-leading CartMovers.

CartMover™ XR

The CartMover™ XR is the newest addition to our line of battery-operated material handlers. Designed to easily move carts over 10-tons*, the CartMover XR is a safe, efficient, and powerful material handling solutions for situations that require an extra push *Depending on the type of move and environmental conditions

CartMover™ SD

The CartMover™ SD is designed to move heavy loads on wheels with ease. Whether it’s mobile carts, waste bins, laundry carts, or just about anything on casters of wheels, the CartMover™ SD can get the job done up to 20,000 lbs.* *Depending on the type of move and environmental conditions

IP65 CartMover™

Perfect for food or pharmaceutical manufacturing, the IP65 CartMover™ is designed for even the most regulated wash-down environments. Already in use by multiple manufacturing companies, the IP65 CartMover™ is field tested and production ready.


With the ability to move up to 100,000+ lbs., the Appleton battery-powered TruckMover™ is used by some of the biggest names in fire truck, military and commercial vehicle manufacturing. Keep vehicle production moving smoothly with the tried and tested Appleton TruckMover™.

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