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CartMover™ XR

The Most Powerful & Heavy Duty CartMover™ Ever!
  • Tackles Most Ramps & Inclines!
  • Quick-Charge, Easy-to-Change Battery!
  • Handles the Widest Range of Carts!
  • High-Visibility, Ergonomic Design!

A safe and efficient, self propelled tool for moving heavy carts in manufacturing environments, the CartMover™ XR is the newest model in a legendary line of battery-operated material handlers.

Based on the well-proven CartMover™ design, the CartMover™ XR increases productivity and ensures worker safety wherever loads on wheels need to be moved. It’s as easy to use as a pallet jack – just far more powerful. It’s tough, portable and convenient. No more injuries from pushing or pulling carts between work stations.

With a capacity of over 10-tons*, the CartMover™ XR handles carts of almost any size, it features a sleek, high-visibility ergonomic design, a new high-performance, quick-charge, long-life battery and an expanded lift range that accommodates ramps, inclines and uneven floors.

*Depending on the type of move and environmental conditions

The CartMover™ XR Drives Productivity & Increases Safety!


*Depending on the type of move and environmental conditions

Product Information

Where can it be used?

Anywhere you need to move loads on casters or wheels:

  • Cell-manufacturing facilities
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Printing and converting facilities
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Laundry facilities

Safety & Productivity

We Engineered the CartMover™ XR to Keep Workers Safe

We believe people like to be productive. That’s why so many injuries occur every year as workers try to move heavy loads by themselves. They either think the load will easily roll on its existing wheels or they simply aren’t patient enough to wait for a forklift or tow motor. The CartMover™ XR changes that by giving load handling control directly to the operator in the work cell where it is needed.

The CartMover™ XR is a heavy-duty tool made for the toughest environments, but is easily maneuvered by workers. The battery-operated CartMover™ XR provides mobility that increases worker productivity while enhancing safe work practices.

Choose Your Hitch

The CartMover™ XR can be equipped with a variety of pre-engineered or custom hitches to connect securely to your specific carts, bins, vehicles or other wheeled loads.

No Down Time for Recharging

The CartMover™ XR has a high-performance, quick-charging modular battery pack and a separate battery charger. It will always be ready to move your loads.

Risk-Free Demo of the CartMover™ XR

Contact us, and we will ship a CartMover™ XR to your location. Use it for a limited time with no obligation to buy. See for yourself how its mobility, ease of use and overall design improves safety and productivity. Certain conditions apply, contact Appleton at (920) 751-1555 for more information.


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